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Bench Vice

We are manufacturing our Best-Selling Bench Vice for worldwide professionals for making their jobs easier. Ajay Bench Vices are the most demanding choice of every craftsmanship all over the world. Ajay Gold Company has reached a new level of performance that has never been seen before. We are enthusiastic to deliver our products to users for better performance and safety on the jobsite.

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Best Bench Vise Material Manufacturer in India

Bench Vice is a mechanical device that holds an object in a place that is to be worked on. Bench Vice Material is made up of metal and is also known as woodworking or engineer’s vice. Its main aim is to grip the object beneath and work on it. Planning, drilling, and sawing are a few examples of such works. The main use of bench vice is a firm grip between the sawing/drilling/planning tool and the object. For such instruments, a bench vice is utilised to ensure a tight grip.Bench Vise has two types of hands and extensions, both of which work on the concept of wire carrying and nut transmission mechanical force and employ two jaws as a positioning reference. The bench vise has a simple design and immediate clamping. Ajay Tools Bench Vice reduces processing time and labour, while also improving processing efficiency, accuracy, and product quality.The Bench Vise’s jaws have been built by our experts to improve the construction in order to match the function’s needs and make it more practical. Bench vice is used for clamping the workpiece for quick and easy processing.Ajay Tools are continuing refining and expanding the bench vises’ functions based on various use conditions and processing settings. We are increasing types of vices of alternative structures to diversify and fully utilise the bench vise. Bench Clamp Vice is used to fix the processing object in the machine manufacturing process so that it has the correct position to receive construction or testing as an important part of production preparation. There are different types of vices provided by Ajay Tools with different significant features in various wok fields.The main Bench Vice Parts are the base, spindle, handle, fixed jaw, movable jaw, and jaw plate. Along with the vice, the fixed jaw is cast. It is attached to the moveable jaw. The tool steel plate is fixed firmly to both jaws with a plate screw that contains dents. Because of these dents, the object’s grip is quite strong. The jaw plate can be replaced if it becomes damaged.The spindle is mounted on the opposite side of the moveable jaw, which is held in place by a pin and a spring. This spindle is secured in the fixed jaw by a threaded box nut. Nut square threads are cut in the spindle and the box.The round rod’s handle is inserted into a hole drilled in the vice’s base. The movable jaw slides forward or backward by rotating this handle. Object is caught between two jaws. The width of the vise determines its size. Two or three bolts are used to tighten the vice on the work surface. These Bench Vice Parts are specially prepared under the team of professionals and we delivered vices to our customers after complete quality checking.Our Bench Vise is very lightweight and portable, when necessary, Bench Vice uses for readily moving and repositioning. It can be clamped to a number of work surfaces and when not in use, it can be dismounted and stored.  It is ideal for jobs that demand you to work in tight spaces.We provide various Bench Vice products including Steel Bench Vice, Baby Vice Clamp Type/Swivel Base, Cast Iron Bench Vice Fixed/Swivel, Drop Forge Bench Vice, Drop Forge Vice Fixed/Swivel with Steel Base, Fabricated Steel Vice Light Duty Fixed/Swivel, Multipurpose Bench Vice Offset Steel Bench Vice, Professional Cylindrical Bench Vice Fixed/Swivel, Professional Cylindrical Vice Fixed Base, Professional Industrial Bench Vice Fixed/Swivel, Steel Bench Vice Heavy Duty Fixed/Swivel, and Utility Bench Vice Fixed/Swivel.