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Machine Vice

We are manufacturing our Best-Selling clamps for worldwide professionals for making their jobs easier. Ajay Anvil Tools are the most demanding choice of every craftsmanship all over the world. Ajay Gold Company has reached a new level of performance that has never been seen before. We are enthusiastic to deliver our products to users for better performance and safety on the jobsite.

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Shop for Machine Vice at Ajay Tools

Are you looking for a machine vice manufacturing company? If yes, you should look no further than Ajay Tools. We are trusted manufacturers of different types of vices, including machine vice. If you want a clamping device to hold a workpiece when operating a machine tool like a drill press or milling machine, you can buy our machine vice. A machine vice can reduce the risk involved by holding an object or material for the user to allow other operations to be performed on it.

Explore Different Types of Machine Vice at Ajay Tools

We have a variety of machine vice available that are made of using high-quality material, such as grey cast iron. Take a look at the following different types of machine vice:

  • 3 Way Universal Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice

It is manufactured with consistent accuracy to provide reliable service for years to come. Its locking mechanism is helpful in holding heavy loads easily. Its locking mechanism allows you to set up it at any angle. We offer you removable hardened steel jaws and it has a 360-degree swivel base.

  • Precision Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice

Our experts have made Precision Tilt & Swivel Angle Vice using grey cast iron. It has a 360-degree swivel base and it allows you to tilt it vertically at 90 degrees. It can hold a workpiece securely so that drilling and milling operations can be performed easily.

  • Precision Unigrip Vice

Our Precision Unigrip Vice’s body is made up of graded casting. Its hardened and grounded jaws offer a “V” groove for grabbing round objects. You can buy precision unigrip vice to hold objects to perform drilling operations. We make sure that our machine vices will serve its services for years as they are highly durable.

  • Self Center Vice

Using a self-center vice, you can achieve high clamping force with effortless handle movement. We ensure that its hardened jaws will maintain accuracy for years to come. You can buy this product from us as we assure you that it would be the best option for drilling, milling, and finishing applications that need a high level of accuracy and grip.

Contact Us Today to Place an Order for the Machine Vice

If you want high precision, more durability, accuracy and consistency in machine vices, then you can contact us. Being one of the best manufacturers of machine vice, we guarantee you to offer the best machine vice for your DIY projects or workshop.

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