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Buy Bench Vises from the Best Bench Vise Manufacturers

Buy Bench Vises from the Best Bench Vise Manufacturers

Are you setting up a workshop? You would like to equip your workshop with a wide range of tools that will make the task done easily. One of the tools that you are likely to buy is the bench vise. When it comes to buying the best bench vise for your workshop, it is important to buy from the best bench vise manufacturers and suppliers like Ajay Tools. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about the importance of vise for your workshop and why should you rely on the best manufacturing company. Let’s get started:

What is a Bench Vice for Workshop?

As a workshop tool, a bench vise is categorized as a holding tool. These tools are used to hold workpieces to allow the worker to work on a specific workpiece. A typical bench vise has parallel jaws that press against each other to securely hold the object that you are working on.

The act of holding the object will ensure that you can work on the object more effectively. You don’t need to worry about keeping the object stable. Additionally, you can keep a safe distance while performing a specific task on the object.

How does a Bench Vise Work?

A vise has two parallel jaws used to hold or clamp your workpiece so that it remains stable, secure, and tight in your desired position. In most vises, one jaw of the vice is fixed, and the other one is movable. The function of a threaded screw is to control the movement of the moveable jaws. The threaded screw is also attached to the main handle of the tool.

So, you will apply some pressure on the main handle, and the pressure will be transferred to the threaded screw. As a result, it will help move the jaws. The screw moves anticlockwise and clockwise direction to move the jaws.

What is the Material to Manufacture Bench Vice?


Manufacturers and suppliers of bench vises use different types of materials to manufacture high-quality bench vises. The following are the most common types of materials used to manufacture bench vises:

  • IronThe main body of the vise is usually cast either ductile or grey iron because it is used to perform heavy tasks. The type of iron used to manufacture vises depends on the manufacturer and model of the vise.
  • Grey IronGrey iron is also known as grey cast iron or cast iron. It is an alloy of iron and has a graphite microstructure. Grey iron is best known for its strength under pressure that’s why the best bench vise manufacturing companies in India use this material.
  • Ductile IronDuctile iron is a type of cast iron, and it is made of various types of materials, including silicon, carbon, and magnesium.
  • SteelSteel is an alloy of carbon and iron. Steel is widely used in construction because of its high corrosion resistance and tensile strength. The handle, jaw surfaces, and screw of the vise are usually made using hardened steel.
  • All Steel VisesAlthough most bench vises are made of cast iron, some metalworking vices are made of using all steel.

What Bench Vise Material Should You Choose?

What type of bench vise you should choose depends on the type of work you need to perform using a vise. If you are likely to perform tasks such as cutting, hammering, or filing, you can choose a bench vise made of grey iron. On the other hand, if you are required to hold wider objects and as a result, the vise will be stretched to its limit, then choosing a steel vise would be the right option. High tensile strength is the main reason of its popularity.

Bench Vice Manufacturers in India

After getting such information, the next step is to buy a vise from the best bench vise manufacturers in India. Choose a manufacturer that has the ability to deliver the best vise.


The blog is all about bench vise, their working and the material used for manufacturing a vise. Thus, make sure to choose the vise according to your project’s requirements. Moreover, if you are interested in buying the best quality bench vise for your workshop, you can contact Ajay Tools, where you can get a wide range of vises.