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What is an Anvil for Blacksmithing?

What is an Anvil for Blacksmithing?

Blacksmithing is a term used for metalworking and blacksmithing, anvil tools have been used for several years. This is a conventional method of metalworking where the blacksmith (a person who performs this kind of task) uses hand tools to forge steel metal sheets into different shapes. Forging uses methods such as shrinking, upsetting, punching, swaging, bending, and forge welding. Blacksmiths use different types of hand tools for shaping metals. An anvil is one of them used by blacksmiths for shaping the metal. Now, the question arises, why this tool is used and parts of it? This blog post will introduce key aspects of anvils and how to perform blacksmithing using an anvil.

What are Anvils?

An anvil is a large block with a plane surface, usually forged or cast steel. It is used to shape an object and curve a metal sheet. Anvils are of different weights, starting from 35 kg to 100 kg available at Ajay Tools. In a nutshell, you can use an anvil for blacksmithing.

Different Parts of Anvils

Each part of the anvil serves a different purpose. It has five parts, such as:

  • Horn

The first part of an anvil is the horn, which forms a curve. To shape curves into their pieces, blacksmiths make use of the cylindrical part of the horn.

  • Step

The step is a flat edge that is behind the horn at the front of the block. This is where cuts and trimming of materials can be performed. Blacksmiths often use this part of an anvil for cutting a piece of metal.

  • Face

The anvil has a large and flat face that covers most areas of an anvil. This is the most used part of the anvil where blacksmiths do the most hammering for flattening materials.

  • Hardy Hole

A Hardy hole is a square hole that allows blacksmiths to hold tools in place while working. A Hardy hole is used to create bends in smaller pieces.

  • Pritchel Hole

The pritchel hole is a round and small hole used for hole punching. Blacksmiths use pritchel holes to hold materials and tools making it similar to the hardy hole.

Why are Anvils Shaped the Way that They Are?

Anvils are shaped the way they are to support the blacksmithing process. They have various angles, shapes and surfaces to assist blacksmiths shape and curving their materials. Blacksmiths use the different parts of the anvil to perform different tasks. Blacksmith understands that each curve and part of the anvil serves a different purpose.

What to Consider When Buying an Anvil?

Buying an anvil needs attention to detail. You should know what things to consider when buying an anvil. Here are a few factors regarding an anvil that you should consider.

  • Material

You should consider what is an anvil made of. The material of an anvil is helpful in determining the quality and performance of an anvil. Nowadays, anvils are made of cast iron or steel. Steel is a popular choice because it comes with various properties.

  • Purpose of Use

The purpose of using the anvil determine different types of anvil material to choose from. For example, if you want to use an anvil for your own use or to perform minor work, then you may like to buy a small anvil. On the other hand, if you want to use an anvil for industrial applications, then you may need to buy a bigger anvil.

  • Weight, Size and Shape

The size and shape of an anvil are important to consider because they can help you determine the proper use of an anvil. On the other hand, the weight of an anvil helps determine the ease of use.

  • Cost

Another important thing to consider is the cost of an anvil. When you look for where to buy an anvil, you should also look at the cost of an anvil. You can buy the best quality anvil from Ajay Tools. The cost is based on the material and size of the anvil.


Whether you are looking for an anvil for your own use or industrial applications, you can explore anvils at Ajay Tools as we offer anvils of different sizes.

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