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Bench Vices and Clamps: Choose the Right One for Your Project

Have you ever felt in a life that you need an extra pair of hands? The extra pair of hands can be in the form of a bench vice and clamps. There are a few things you should take into account before buying a bench vice and clamps even if they are useful tools to have around the office. In this article, we’ll explain bench vice and clamps and how to choose one that’s perfect for you.

Overview of a Bench Vice

A bench vise is a mechanical tool used to hold objects firmly in place when the work is being done on the object. It consists of two jaws. One movable and one static, are brought together by a lever or screw. The jaws of the vice are made of metal and have serrated edges that grab the object tightly. Bench vices come in different styles and sizes. Bench vices can come with a swivel base or fixed base. You can buy one as per your project’s requirements. Usually, vices are utilized in metalworking, woodworking tasks, and other trades where stability and precision are vital. Many of you may want to know why are bench vices so expensive, right? Well, bench vises are made of high-quality material which is quite expensive, that’s why they are expensive.

What is the Function of Bench Vice?

The bench vise can be used for different purposes:

  • Sawing

The object can be gripped between the jaws of the vice to cut the workpiece into different pieces. It can hold the workpiece securely without slipping it off.

  • Drilling

If you need to use a drill on the object, then it would be best to use a bench vice to hold the object between its jaws to prevent slippage. Hence, the drilling operation can be performed on the object.

  • Glueing

While glueing two objects, you need something that can put two workpieces together for a longer period of time, this is where a bench vice comes to play its role. A bench vice can hold the item together until the glue dries properly.

  • Metalworking

For metalworking projects, using a bench vice would be the best option. Whether you want to bend the iron rod or something else, you need to place the workpiece between the jaws of the vice and then bend it.

  • Woodworking tasks

Glue is necessary for the completion of carpentry operations. To hold the piece of wood together so it dries properly, you may need a vice. When using a vice, you won’t have to worry about how to grab the piece of wood in the proper direction or position because the bench vice’s sturdy jaws will firmly hold the thing in place.

Overview of Clamps

To prevent movement or hold objects, a clamp tool is used. It has two or more jaws that come closer by a screw, spring, or lever. The jaws of the clamp can be made of different materials. Clamps are available in different styles, including C-clamps, spring clamps, bar clamps, and pipe clamps. They can be used for different tasks, such as holding workpieces of wood together while it is being drilled or cut. Clamps are versatile tools used in different industries, including metalworking, construction, and woodworking. They are used in home workshops for different DIY projects.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Bench Vices and Clamps

  • Using the wrong tool

One of the most common mistakes that many workers make is using a bench vice, when they need to use clamps or vice versa. While these tools may seem similar, they are designed to perform different tasks. A vice is specifically used to place objects in place while you perform different tasks on them, while is clamp can be used for applying force to hold two workpieces together. Moreover, if you find yourself asking ‘What size bench vise do I need’, then you can explore the list of different sizes of bench vise at Ajay Industries.

  • Over-tightening

Another common mistake that many of you may make is over-tightening clamps or vices. While it may seem like applying more force will make your work secure, it can have the opposite effect. Over-tightening can lead to damage to the material. It can put strain unnecessarily on your tools which can result in wear and tear over time.

  • Not maintaining tools properly

Many people don’t maintain tools properly. Over time, these tools become damaged which can affect their performance. It is important to check your tools regularly.


The blog shares information on the functions of a bench vice and clamps. Make sure to choose the right tool for your project. To buy high-quality bench vice and clamps, you can contact Ajay Tools.