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What is a Machine Vice and How Does It Work?

What is a Machine Vice and How Does It Work?

Various types of vices are available on the market to hold a workpiece so different operations can be performed on the object. Among other types of vices, machine vice is also used for different applications. But,what is a machine vice used for? A machine vice is a mechanical device designed to hold objects to perform machining operations. Many workers or manufacturing facilities use machine vice for applications that have tight endurance and need high precision. Although there are various benefits associated with manual vices, machine vices are often used to hold objects during high-speed machining operations. Continue reading this blog to know more about machine vice:

What is a Machine Vice?

A machine vice is a clamping device used to securely hold the object when operating a machine tool such as a milling machine or drill press. It differs from woodworking and metalworking vices as it is mounted to the bench of a machine tool instead of a work table. A machine vice is attached to the milling machine or the drill press’s table to relieve the worker’s hands from grabbing or holding the object when milling, drilling, or performing similar tasks.

A machine vice plays a crucial role because performing machining operations can be dangerous and the vice reduces the risk involved in holding the object for the user. It enables the worker to perform machining operations with great precision and accuracy as the machine vice can be positioned with the machine’s drill bit before being tightened into place. Machine vices can be used to securely hold various types of materials, including plastic, metal and wood.

How does a Machine Vice Work?

Machine vise works by aligning and restraining an object while using a machine such as a milling machine or drill press. The force or pressure from a machine tool’s bit can lead to the spinning or throwing of the object. However, the vise can lower this type of risk by maintaining and keeping a gentle grip on it. The vise is gently attached to the machine tool’s table, making drilling, milling and similar operations more secure for the workers.

  • Similar to other vices, it has two jaws used to hold the workpiece together in a parallel motion.
  • One jaw is static and the other jaw is movable and moves in and out to hold the workpiece of different sizes and shapes.
  • The handle of the vise is fitted at the outer end of the vise. It is used to control the screw movement. When turned, the pressure is applied by this handle with the help of the main screw that either closes or opens the vice jaws based on the rotation direction.

Safety Rules to Remember When Using a Machine Vice

Usually, vises are used to keep workpieces or objects in their place in the workplace. When you use any type of vice, make sure to remember the following safety rules:

  • Many times people ask what happens if bench vice is over tightened . Well, when working with a bench vice or any other type of vice, ensure to avoid over-clamping because it can lead to excessive pressure or clamping force on the object. As a result, it could break the object or material between jaws and lead to damage.
  • Before you use a vice or machine vice, ensure to check it for any damage. Various types of vises are available on the market. Most of them are manufactured with durable metal. However, some vices can be made of low-quality material, so in this case, you need to examine it for any damage to avoid serious injuries.
  • Safety glasses are required to wear when using a vice. The high-pressure clamping can result in shrapnel that bursts from inside the jaws. To prevent your eyes from shrapnel, you should wear safety glasses.


The blog highlights the working and safety rules that every worker needs to follow while working with any type of vice. When you start working with any vice, make sure you know how to use them because wrong functioning can damage the material between jaws or even you can harm yourself too. Thus, make sure to know how vice works before you start working on it. Despite this, ensure to buy high-quality machine vice from reliable manufacturers. You can also contact Ajay Tools to buy great quality machine vises

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