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Grease Gun Loading Process

Grease Gun Loading Process

Grease Gun Loading Process

Grease Gun is commonly used in machine shops and garages to apply viscous lubricant to moving mechanical parts. Lubricating moving metal parts properly extends the life of machines and prevents abrasions.
A grease gun, which can be found at most hardware and auto parts stores, is used to apply grease lubricant. Whether you have a cartridge loader or a reservoir-style grease gun, loading grease gun can be a little messy but not difficult.

grease gun push type
  • Remove the Grease Gun Barrel from the Mini Grease Gun Head

Grease guns can be loaded more efficiently if you have access to bulk grease in large containers. To begin, unscrew the cap from the head. The handle and the applicator tube are attached to the head. Separate the two pieces of the grease gun by unscrewing them. Make sure the handle on the back of the barrel, which is the handle of the piston rod, is fully depressed into the barrel, or you risk accidentally sucking grease through the gun.
  • Place the Barrel’s Open End into a Grease Gun Container

Fill the barrel by inserting the open end into the grease container and slowly pulling back on the plunger rod to fill up the reservoir, pulling grease back into the barrel. Bulk grease containers are widely available at hardware and auto parts stores and are frequently substituted for smaller cartridges in garages. This might be a good option for you if you are a serious mechanic.
  • Remove the Barrel from the Grease

Lift the open end of the barrel out of the grease container once the plunger rod has been fully withdrawn. Rotate the barrel to remove any grease that may have clung to it. Wipe excess grease from the barrel’s end with a cloth or rag.
  • Reattach the Grease Gun’s Barrel to the Head

Hydraulic grease gun has slightly different functions. Some people only need to screw on the end cap, while others require the nozzle to be screwed on. Engage the threads and turn until the joint is fully seated in either case.
  • Test the Dispensing of the Grease

Squeeze the grease gun trigger and press on the piston rod handle until grease is visible at the end of the grease gun applicator tube. Wipe excess grease from the grease gun’s dispensing tip and body. Wipe down and clean the gun with a cloth or rag before using it.


What is a good brand of grease gun?

Ajay Tools is a good brand of grease gun. Ajay Tools manufacturers are leading and well-known brand among the top manufacturers of India.

What is a grease gun used for?

A grease gun is used to apply lubricant to mechanical parts. It has a flexible spout or fixed spout which is available in die-cast, graded cast, and steelhead. It consists of TTYPE/ VTYPE pulling rod, powder coated body, with a highly precise piston used to develop high pressure.

What is a grease gun in the military?

The M3 is known as a grease gun in the military because of its visual resemblance to a mechanic’s tool.

What types of grease guns are there?

Lever guns, pistol‑grip guns, cordless guns, pneumatic guns, and hydraulic grease gun are the different types of grease guns are there.

Do I need a grease gun?

It is an excellent tool for lubrication precision. A grease gun ensures accurate and quick lubricant delivery, whether you are lubricating bearings, axles, wheels, fittings, or other components.

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