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How Drop Forged Bench Vises Are Manufactured?

How Drop Forged Bench Vises Are Manufactured?

Bench vises play an important role in clamping different objects to perform a specific task on the clamped object. The primary role of any vise is to hold the material safely so that it can be worked on. Various types of materials are used to manufacture bench vises. Cast iron and drop forged bench vises are among other popular vises. Vises can make the tasks such as finishing, sanding, chipping, welding and sawing easier by freeing up the worker’s hands to perform the required tasks. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how vices are manufactured. Let’s get started:

What is Drop Forging Process?

The drop forging method is also known as hammer forging. In this process, the object goes into the die, which is a tool used to shape the object and then receives repeated strikes or blows from a hammer. With the help of these blows, the metal gets the desired shape as per the die’s shape. In drop forging, the object’s surface changes its shape but its centre remains untouched.

What are Types of Forging Hammers?

Basically, there are two types of drop forging: open die and impression die forging. As the name suggests, open die forging helps in allowing the movement of unrestricted material between two contoured or flat dies.

On the other hand, with impression forging, dies used for a specific component are machined with impressions that the metal fills when impacted. The impressions resemble mold, however, the substance only heats up to the point of plastic deformation and never melts. As the upper and lower dies completely enclose the now-forged component, the material is moved by impact into the impression.

How are Bench Vises Manufactured?

Most commonly two methods can be used to manufacture bench vises: drop forging and casting.

  • Casting is the most commonly used method to manufacture bench vises. It is a cost-effective method. It uses hot liquid metal and pours it into molds. After pouring the metal into the mold, the liquid steel is put to rest to cool it down. Once the metal is cool down and hardened, the molds are removed. Finally, you can see the finished shape. Generally, this method is best for manufacturing dynamic and static jaws.
  • On the other hand, hammer forging is the best method for manufacturing bench vises. It is used to deliver high-quality products with greater tensile strength. Unlike casting, the forging process makes use of solid steel blocks that are heated and then hammered to give the material’s desired shape. Heavy-duty forged vises can have high tensile strength.

What Products Are Manufactured Using Hammer Forging?

Hammer forging or drop forging is the process where the material is placed into the die and hammered with a series of blows. The following are drop forged tools manufactured at Ajay Tools:

  • Drop forged heavy-duty bar clamps
  • Drop forge bench vise fixed/swivel with steel base

What is Press Forging?

Press forging is different from drop forging. Press forging uses single or continuous pressure to shape the object or metal into a certain shape. It means, in this process, instead of using various hammer blows to shape the metal, a single compression is used. Similar to drop forging, press forging can also be done at a low or high temperature.

With press forging, the object is formed or shaped in a uniform way from the surface to the middle. It means the end product is stronger and the impressions created are generally cleaned.

Drop Forging and Press Forging: Which Process Do You Need?

Deciding on the type of process depends on various factors, such as the part’s size that is being forged, the requirement of dimensional precision and the alloy type that will be forged. Hand tools manufacturing companies like Ajay Tools better know what process would be the best to manufacture any product.


Different processes and techniques are used to manufacture hand tools. And, a lot of hard work and proper procedures are required to deliver products meeting customers’ requirements. If you want to buy a drop forged bench vise fixed/swivel steel base and drop forged heavy duty clamps, then you can request a quote, and we’ll send you a quote as per your order requirements.

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