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Grease Gun Uses and Steps to Load Grease into It

Grease Gun Uses

If you own a motorcycle, utility trailer, tractor, boat trailer or heavier piece of equipment like an excavator, dump truck or loader, you have fittings that need to be lubricated so that they can work properly, then you need lubrication equipment such as a grease gun, and you can often see it in workshops and garages. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss the uses of a grease gun and how to load grease into it without creating a mess. Let’s get started:

What is a Grease Gun?

Basically, a grease gun is used to lubricate different parts of the machine and is one of the most common lubrication tools. It is used for different applications and comes in a handy design that makes it easy for you to use it for mechanical parts. There are different parts of a grease gun that offer different functionality.

Grease Gun Uses

When you use a grease gun to grease joints or different parts of the equipment, then it enables better precision and flow control while applying the grease. It can be used to reach narrow spaces to grease a particular part of the equipment that would otherwise be hard to access. You can use the best grease gun for heavy equipment. It is most commonly used in industries and DIY settings, such as:

  • Agricultural vehicles and equipment
  • Auto maintenance
  • Factory and processing systems (other goods handling machines)
  • Landscaping and gardening (used for chainsaws and lawnmowers)

Different types of grease guns are available on the market, such as:

  • Hand lever grease gun
  • Pneumatic grease gun
  • Battery-powered grease gun
  • Manual (pistol grip) grease gun

You can buy the best grease gun for tractor, bikes, farm equipment, or other heavy equipment. However, make sure to buy lubrication equipment from the best manufacturer so you can be sure that it will be of high quality.

How to Load Grease into Grease Gun?

Mostly, all types of grease guns work on the same principle mechanisms. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s directions before you use it.

  • Firstly, pull the follower handle.
  • Now, remove the body from the head by unscrewing it.
  • If it contains the old grease tube in it, then remove the old grease tube.
  • Now, open the new grease cartridge and insert grease into the tube. Before you do this, it is vital to check the instructions given by the manufacturers.
  • After filling the grease, screw the tube tightly.
  • Clean the excess grease and dispense a small quantity of grease by pressing the handle or lever to check whether the nozzle is working properly and the lubricant is coming out properly.

There are different types of grease guns available, and you can choose the best grease gun for farm equipment,bike, and other heavy equipment. When it comes to the use of lubrication equipment, it completely depends on the type of lubrication tool. When you use manual grease guns, you can join a nozzle to the grease fitting. After this, you’ll need to apply a little pressure to dispense grease.

How does Grease Gun Work?

If you are using it, then you must follow all of the above instructions to avoid any type of damage. You must know where you can use it. There are different parts of a gun, including a handle, barrel, grease tube, head, hydraulic coupler, follower handle, and follower rod. It will depend on the type and compatibility of a grease gun when deciding which the best grease gun for bikes is Each part functions differently.

  • The handle is used for hand-pumping grease from the barrel to the tube.
  • The barrel houses either the grease tube or supplies the grease from bulk storage.
  • The grease tube is replaceable when the grease is used completely.
  • The connector or hydraulic coupler is used to hold the hose connected to the head of the grease gun.
  • The head of the grease gun is the point that can be removed to insert the grease.
  • The follower handle is pulled to make space for grease that needs to be inserted into it.
  • The follower rod keeps pressure on the bottom of the grease tube. Before inserting grease, it is pulled back.


Now, you know how you can load a grease gun with grease without causing any damage to the grease tube. However, when you load a grease gun, make sure to read all the guidelines given by the manufacturers. Despite this, you can also contact Ajay Tools if you are interested in buying lubrication tools.

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