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Drop Forge Vise: Different Parts and Uses of It

Drop Forge Vise: Different Parts and Uses of It

A high-quality bench vise is extremely important for metal and carpentry DIY projects. Bench vices are not only good to get your work done faster but they can also get the task done efficiently. Usually, bench vices are made of steel and iron, namely forged steel and cast iron. Cast iron is the most commonly used bench vice, but when it comes to robustness,drop forge bench vicesare most commonly used.

Bench vises are perfect for home as well as industrial projects. A high-quality vise works as your extra hands and is best for holding material tightly so you can perform different operations on an object. However, to get out of your vice, you need to choose a high-quality vise like drop forge. In today’s blog, we’ll discuss this type of vice along with its different parts and uses. Let’s get started:

What is Drop Forge Vise?

Bench vise comes in different types of material, and one of the most popular bench vice materials is drop forge. It is considered the strongest material type among other material types. Generally, it is used to hold two parallel jaws so they can hold a workpiece tightly. It’s one jaw is fixed, and the second is movable by a screw, lever or cam. The vice can be fixed or attached to the workbench or you can also buy one that has a swivel base. It completely depends on the individual’s choice.

What are Drop Forge Bench Vices Used for?

Bench vices are known as engineer’s vice or woodworking vice. The primary purpose of using them is to hold the object with great grip to perform drilling, sawing, and other operations on the object. These activities need a strong grip between the drilling/sawing instrument and the object. Take a look at the following section to know for what purpose you can use forged bench vices:

  • Carpentry works include the uses of glue to give it finishing touch. For glueing, objects need to be tightly held between the jaws of the vice.
  • In the case of metal works, most of the objects need to be cut. To make a perfect cut, it would be best to hold the objects between the jaws of the vice.
  • Another task that can be performed on objects using a bench vice is sawing. A pile of stock which needs to be sliced can be positioned accurately so the bench vice offers a secure grip to the stock.
  • Drilling is the most common activity involved in carpentry, plumbing, interior decors, and electrical fitting. Drilling needs critical precision and stability. Forge vise supplier delivers vises made of forged steel that is best to hold the driller at the right position and help you perform drilling operations.

Different Parts of a Bench Vice

The following are some parts of a bench vice:

  • Fixed Jaw

    As the name implies, the bench vice has one fixed jaw and it is fixed with the help of a bolt and nut.

  • Movable Jaw

    A movable jaw can be moved in the forward and backward direction to fit the size of the object.

  • Jaw Plates

    Jaw plates are fixed by a screw and these plates are fitted with the help of cross cuts that offer a great grip to the object.

  • Spindle

    With the help of a spindle, a movable jaw can move back and forth when an individual rotates this spindle.

  • Handle

    With the spindle, the handle is fitted. When the handle is rotated in a clockwise and anti-clockwise direction, then the spindle moves forth and back.

  • Box Nut

    The nut that the spindle goes through is known as the box nut. Box nut is usually fitted in the fixed jaw.

Choose the Best Forge Vise Manufacturer to Buy a Forge Vise

When you decide on buying a bench vise for your workshop, make sure to choose the best manufacturer of a bench vice. When you choose a well-reputed manufacturer, then you can be sure that the products will be of high quality. When it comes to high quality, you can chooseAjay Toolsbecause we assure you to offer the best quality products.


The blog shares information on bench vices of drop forge along with their uses and different parts. Before start using a bench vice, you need to know the functionality of the vice to prevent any type of damage. If you are looking to buy the best quality of vices for your workshop, you can choose forged bench vices.